Monday, June 01, 2009

June Holiday Programmes & Special Training Courses

Dear Readers,

This June Holidays, we have a few special programmes designed to enhance your problem solving skills for PSLE Maths or provide you with a wider exposure to International Maths Olympiad competitions.

(1)PSLE Maths Intensive Revision
The focus of this course is enhancing the problem solving skills in relation to the core topics of the PSLE Maths Exam which includes
  • Whole numbers & decimals
  • Fractions,Percentage & ratio
  • Mensuration topics
  • Rate & Speed
Learn to differentiate questions which involve constant difference,all quantities change, total remains constant and more...
Session 1: 1-6 June, 2-5pm
Session 2: 8-13 June, 2-5pm.

Register now so we can prepare the PSLE Maths Evaluation test for your child on the first day of class. Click here to register now!
(2) Maths Olympiad Triathlon(MOT)
Opens your mind's 'eye' to maths olympiad challenges from around the world and gives students an exposure to local and international Maths Competitions.

Topics covered include,
  • While numbers & arithmetic
  • Finding last digits
  • Summation and more...
Dates: 1-6 June 09; 10am-12noon
8-12 June 09; 10am-12noon(full)
Click here to register now!

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