Tuesday, 13 Feb, 2018

Olympians aren’t the only ones who can win medals

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

With the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics just starting a while ago, I believe many of you will be riveting up your screens watching the Olympic games unfold. But why should all the much-earned glory, and more importantly, those coveted gold medals go to those we see on TV? Don’t you/your child deserve a medal for their hard work training for the math Olympics this season? I sure think so.

As one of our subscribers, we wanted you to be the first to take advantage of Our Gold Medal savings off our March Math Olympiad Prep Courses.

  • Raffles Primary World Math Competition -Junior Training
  • S’pore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(SMOPS)
For the first 6 students to register and make payment for the above courses, we will also give you a full volume of the Maths Oasis magazines (RI) and one set of past year contest questions and solutions for the SMOPS students.

Click here to register now ==>https://goo.gl/forms/NLBPkg4ASCYfFuK42

RI Prep Course Details ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2018/RIPMWCY2018.pdf

SMOPS 2018 Details ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2018/SMOPSY2018.pdf

PS The registration for SMO and Australian Math Competition is open now. Click here to register ==> https://goo.gl/forms/FP9ra7qtdsYgyB882

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Saturday, 20 Jan, 2018

American Mathematics Competition 10 Prep Course (AMC 10)

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The AMC 8 results have just been released. High scoring students will be invited for the forthcoming American Mathematics Competition 10A on 7th Feb or the American Mathematics Competition 10B on 15 Feb 2018.

Here at Maths Oasis, we have prepared a special 6-hour short course for the AMC 10. This course will cover some of the essential topics for the AMC 10 Competition, which is the first step in qualifying for the American Mathematics Invitation Exam (AIME). Many top colleges request for AMC scores as part of their college application process. This course focus on problem solving strategies and the tough topics commonly encountered in the AMC 10 Competition.

To register please click here ==> ===> Online Registration https://goo.gl/forms/l8xizZdzNw4eoARW2 Or call us at 6337-7857/9187 9006 to register now.

Schedule of the training programme can be found here: http://www.mathsoasis.com/2018/amc10course2018.pdf Thank you.

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Friday, 1 Dec, 2017

New Semester Classes begin 5 Jan 2018

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Happy New Year to you. Our new semester classes will begin from 5 Jan 2018.

Our first class will be our Pri 5 Competition Maths, starting from 5.30pm-7.30pm where students can start sharpening their skills for the various maths competitions for pri 5 students starting as early as March with the RI Primary World Math Contest, following that

Pri 3 Competition Maths starting from Saturday, 3.30pm-5pm where young learners can increase their flexibility of thinking and gain more problem solving skills to do better for math and related competitions.

We are opening a Secondary Maths Olympiad Class- SMO-Junior Module 1 on Saturdays, 11am to 1pm. This class is suitable for students who

  • intend to pursue maths Olympiad in Secondary schools in Sec 1/2
  • who are in IP schools and want to sharpen their mathematical skills.

SMO-Junior Module 2 on Saturdays, 2pm to 4pm. This class is suitable for students who would like to pursue advanced geometry topics and combinatorics in Sec 1/2 and who

  • intend to pursue maths Olympiad in Secondary schools in Sec 1/2
  • are in IP schools and want to sharpen their mathematical skills.
*P.S We are opening up our enrolment for our SMO-Senior Module 2 class soon, the class commence as early as 7 Jan , Sunday from 11am -1pm. Thank you.

Pri 6 Competition Maths-Preparation towards RIPMWC and SMOPS 2018

  • Gain the confidence to tackle challenging maths questions by increasing your exposure to various maths questions.
  • Increase your level of thinking skills through the various math Olympiad questions
  • Revise through a topical approach
Classes start on Saturdays, 9am-11am or Sunday afternoon, 4-6pm

For details of our Semester 1 schedule, please visit us ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2018/Sem1Y2018prog.pdf

Here's how to register for the classes

  • Pls call us at 91879006 to check on the availability
  • Register by 10 Jan and qualify for the early-bird fee
  • Submit your registration via email to penny@mathsoasis.com or online at ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/class2015
Best regards and we look forward to meeting you in our classes.

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Saturday, 21 Oct, 2017

Exciting Nov School Enrichment Programmes 2017

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Here’s a lineup of exciting Nov-Dec Head-start programmes for the following levels. To skip ahead to the schedule, please click here ===>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/NovHolProgY2017.pdf

Primary 3-Y 2018

An exciting programme for current primary 2 pupils with a good competence in mathematics. The Primary 3 Competition Maths Introductory Course introduce students to the fundamentals of maths competition/Olympiads, leading to higher level of challenges beginning from Primary 4. Students can look forward to improving their problem solving skills through a series of maths challenges through hands-on activities. In July, students can look forward to participating in their first maths competition - Australian Maths Competition.

Primary 4/5-Y2018

Suitable for students who are curious to explore local and international maths competition questions, the Maths Olympiad Triathlon offers your child a rich learning experience where he/she gets to sample, compare and connect Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world. Suits students who are preparing for the NMOS and related competitions for 2018. If you are keen to explore further this holiday, the Maths Olympiad Triathlon (II) extends from the Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) and further engages students with various maths tasks form classic puzzles to new recreational maths activities to raise their appreciation of the richness of mathematics.

Primary 6-Y2018 (Popular, please register early)

It’s time to prepare for the various maths competition students will encounter as early as March 2016 for Primary 6. We believe that learning is like peeling an onion; each time we revisit an idea, we gain an added perspective and a deeper understanding of the idea. A head start in learning gives us a chance to revisit and deepen our learning.

    Topic Coverage:
  • Circles
  • Rate and speed
  • Algebraic manipulations & applications of algebra in problem solving
  • Problem solving involving patterns of numbers and shapes.
  • Suitable for: Primary 6(Y2018) Mathletes pursuing SMOPS and other similar Maths Competitions

Sec 1-Y2018

The Sec 1 Prep course introduces students to challenging maths topics in term 1 and serves as a prerequisite course before students embark on the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Jr (SMO-Jr) Module 1 Training course in November. This programme also aims to help students bridge the gap between primary 6 maths and their Sec 1 curriculum. Suitable for students pursuing the Sec 1 IP course. Increases students understanding of advance topics in SMO.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Junior Module 1(Popular, pls register early) A preparation course for SMO Junior Section Y2018

A preparation course for SMO Junior Section Y2018. Topic Coverage: Basic operations, primes, divisibility, factorization, digits and numbers, last digit(s), fractions, number patterns, difference of two squares, square expansions, indices, etc. Suitable for students who have completed Primary 6 Competition Maths/students keen to purse maths Olympiad in Secondary school.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Senior Module 1

A preparation course for SMO Senior Section Y2018. Topic Coverage:Quadratic equations, discriminant, Vieta formulae, completing the square, absolute value(modulus), integer and fractional parts, factorial, similar triangles, indices, logarithms, etc. Suitable for advanced Sec 1 students /Sec 2 & 3 students who are keen to pursue maths Olympiad in Secondary school.

American Mathematics Competition 8 Prep Course(AMC 8)

A preparation course for AMC 8 Y2017. Topic Coverage: Arithmetic problems, probability, rate & Speed, percentage, average, statistics & geometry. Suitable for Pri 4/5 students attempting the AMC 8 Competition for the first time.

American Mathematics Competition 8 Past Year Paper with Discussion

Suitable for advanced students who have scored at least 15 marks in the AMC 8 contest or practices on past year paper. The class will focus on questions which less than 10% of the students get it right a year and how to interpret the questions and answer them within 1.5 min.

American Mathematics Competition 10 Prep Course

A preparation course for advanced students taking the AMC 10 Competition in Feb 7, Y2018. Topic Coverage: Geometry, Statistics & Combinatorics. Geometry questions in the AMC 10 papers normally do not have diagrams as aids, how do you make use of the given information and solve the questions quickly and efficiently? Bored with statistics and puzzled by combinatorics questions? Here’s how to solve them for the AMC 10 using everyday math principles. Sharpen Your skills to be the First Among Equals.

For details of our latest schedule please click here ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/NovHolProgY2017.pdf

To register and secure your seats immediately please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/eonmRN1BDnxXQZJ72

To take advantage of our early-registration bonus for students, Please click the link above to register now or enquire at 6337 7857. Hp: 9187-9006

Thank you.

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Saturday, 7 Oct, 2017

Nov Holiday Program

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Thank you for your patience. Click here to find out the schedule for 2017-2018 Nov School Holiday. ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/NovHolProgY2017.pdf

Thank you.

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Thursday, 21 Sep, 2017

Holiday Programs in November

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Many of you have enquired about the SMOPS Head-start courses that we will be conducting this November school holidays. Here's some highlights of the Pri 6 SMOPS Maths Olympiad Head-start

This November school holidays, we will be starting the SMOPS-Pri 6 Maths Olympiad Head-start courses beginning as early as Nov 20-24.

  • Circles, In-circles, Circumcircles
  • Algebra
  • Rate & Speed
  • Looking for Patterns

Details are available at ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/NovHolProgY2017.pdf

To register and secure your seat, please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/eonmRN1BDnxXQZJ72

P.S: We also have head-start programmes for Pri 3 Competition Maths & NMOS 2018

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Thursday, 13 Jul, 2017

AMC Course

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

How Often Do you Find Yourself Asking: “I Wish I Knew How to Score in the American Mathematics Competition 8 ?”

It’s time to dispel the myth that winning in math competitions requires pure luck or tactics. Sure luck plays a part in almost everything in life. But luck comes from ‘Laboring Under Correct Knowledge’.

This September holidays, we have a preparatory class for students to gain the correct knowledge and scope of the forthcoming American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8) which cover the following core topics

  • Number sense
  • Probability
  • Estimation
  • Percentage
  • Elementary geometry including Pythagorean Theorem
  • Spatial visualization
  • Reading & interpretation of graphs
  • Everyday applications
This short course commences from 6 Sep – 8 Sep 2017. For details & registration please click here http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/MOSepHolProg2017.pdf

Have a great day.

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Thursday, 13 Jul, 2017

NMOS Special Round

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

In case, you are not aware, the namelist for students who are invited for the Special Round of the NMOS Competition is already available at ==> http://www.nushigh.edu.sg/admission-n-outreach/outreach/national-mathematical-olympiad-of-singapore/results

If you are looking to sharpen your skills before this contest, join us starting from 16 July. Details available here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/NMOSSpecialTrgY2017.pdf

For quick registration before Sunday, please register here ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/nmos-special

Have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, 4 Jul, 2017

ACS Mathlympics

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Time flies and this year is the 10th year of the ACS-Mathlympics. This is an annual mathematics competition whereby students from Pri 4-5 are invited to participate. The scope of the contest will encompass the following topics.

  • Arithmetic
  • Number Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Logic
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
(Source from Organizers of the ACS-Mathlympics Y2017) The ACS-Mathlympics will be hosted on 3-August 2017(Thu).

If you/your child is enrolled in this competition and you'll like to sharpen your skills before-the competition training, we like to invite you for the following intensive revision for your consideration.

ACS Mathlympics Training Y2017

Dates Time Fees
8 July (Sat) 2.30pm to 4.30pm Early Bird Fee: $400.
After 8 Jul, Fee: $425
15 Jul (Sat) 2.30pm to 4.30pm
22 Jul (Sat) 2.30pm to 4.30pm
29 Jul (Sat) 2.30pm to 4.30pm
31 Jul (Mon) 5pm to 7pm

Venue: Maths Oasis Pte Ltd 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Building S188968 [near Bugis+].

For details and registration please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/ACS2017.pdf

If you need to speak to someone, we can be reached at 6337-7857. Alternatively you can SMS[name]/level to 9187-9006 to register. Thank you.

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Friday, 9 Jun, 2017

Exciting Maths Enrichment Programmes in Semester 2-Maths Oasis

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Thank you for joining us in our Semester 1/June holiday competition enrichment programmes. We certainly hope you had an enriching holiday this June and feeling refreshed and recharged for the next semester ahead.

In Semester 2, we will have the following programmes

  • Pri 3 Competition Maths (Modules 4) starting Wednesday, 28 June from 5.30-7pm
  • Pri 4 Competition Maths (Modules 4 to 6)
  • Pri 5 Competition Maths (Modules 4 to 6, working towards SMOPS2017)
  • PSLE Challenging Maths: Sharpen Your skills towards PSLE Maths 2017
  • SMO-Senior Bridging topics towards SMO-Senior, starts 1 July, every Saturday from 11am – 1pm: Suitable for advanced learners who have completed both SMO-Jr Modules 1 & 2. Or who would like to accelerate their learning for SMO-Senior in 2018.
  • SMO-Open for students who have completed the entire course on SMO-Senior who would like to learn in advance of their school especially students in the IP schools. This class begins from 2 July 2017

To register for the classes and enjoy our early-bird savings click this link for the schedule here==> http://mathsoasis.com/2017/Sem2Y2017.pdf

To register for our classes online and lock in your early-bird fees please click here to register ==> https://goo.gl/forms/1xREz6XpFUmkJZS63

Thank you.

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Monday, 22 May, 2017

Approach NMOS with confidence

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

For Pri 4/5 pupils taking part in the annual NMOS Competition by NUS-High we have a series of comprehensive training starting with the

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) -3 days followed by
  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (II) -3 days followed by
  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion 1 & 2.
Here’s a sample plan to help you plan your schedule for the NMOS Competition.

Sample Plan 1

Course Date Time Fee Remarks
MOT(I) 29-31May 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
MOT(II) 1-3Jun 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
NMOS 1 5-7Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -
NMOS 2 8-10Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -

Sample Plan 2

Course Date Time Fee Remarks
MOT(I) 5-7Jun 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
MOT(II) 8-10Jun 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
NMOS 1 5-7Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -
NMOS 2 8-10Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -

Sample Plan 3

Course Date Time Fee Remarks
MOT(I) 29-31May 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
MOT(II) 1-3Jun 9am-12nn $360/$375 Topical
NMOS 1 19-21Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -
NMOS 2 22-24Jun 1pm-4pm $360/$375 -

For full schedule pls click here ==》Http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

For registration please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/H697kqtc3vMISqLI3

Thank you.

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Thursday, 11 May, 2017

Exciting Holiday Programmes this June

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The June holidays will be here soon after the mid-year exams.

With the June holidays drawing near, it's time to schedule your activities for the month long school holidays so you will have a fun and enriching holidays.

For Pri 4/5 pupils taking part in the annual NMOS Competition by NUS-High we have a series of comprehensive training starting with the

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) -3 days followed by
  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (II) -3 days followed by
  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion 1 followed by
  • NMOS Mock Test with Discussion 2 followed by for details please read email below for the NMOS Training package.
For class schedule please click here http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

For Pri 3 pupils, we will be conducting our flagship course the Pri 3 Competition Maths this June holidays. To check out the schedule please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

For the P6 pupils, this June is especially crucial for your revision and we have designed a 6-day revision course covering all the core topics for the PSLE Maths with questions that trip even the above average pupils. These questions were tested from conducting many years of evaluation test since 2008. For course outline please click here ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/jun17hol.pdf

  • NMOS Training Package
  • We have received quite a few enquiries on the NMOS Training that we will be conducting this June. For the complete course details please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

    To register for our classes online please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/H697kqtc3vMISqLI3

    Best regards & wishing all an enriching holidays.

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    Monday, 1 May, 2017

    APMOPS 2017 Training

    Dear Parents/Mathletes,

    Congratulations for emerging among the top students in the recent SMOPS that was held on 8th April 2017 by Hwa Chong Institution. If you have not checked your results, they can be accessed here ==> http://apmops.hci.edu.sg/results If you like to sharpen your skills for the forthcoming APMOPS Competition, we have the following training for your consideration

    • 10 May (Wed) 4.30-7.30pm
    • 20 May(Sat) 5.30-8.30pm
    • 21 May(Sun) 5.30-8.30pm

    This training will cover

    • Maths Olympiad Circuit Training: Students are required to complete a certain number of questions within a short time frame, followed by discussion on the strategies and analysis of questions
    • Parallel questions will be given to give students more practice and to gain familiarity with the APMOPS questions.
    • Common mistakes will be highlighted.
    • How to present your solutions for this competition.
    To register immediately for this course, please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/N1NbfcTbiPD60yP82'> To get in touch with us, please contact us at 6337-7857 or 9187-9006. For details of the full schedule please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/apmops17.pdf

    For the heads-up on our latest June holiday classes and NMOS Prepration programmes that has more than 40% of the students getting into the Special Round, click here for more details ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

    Congratulations once again.

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    Saturday, 8 Apr, 2017

    How to Approach Your National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) with Confidence

    Dear Parents/Mathletes,

    Most of us would agree that preparation before a competition is as important as our performance during a competition. There is a quote that sums up this idea best: "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance". To improve your performance in the upcoming SMO & NMOS Competition, we have planned a short and intensive revision starting with the

    • SMO-Senior on 30 Apr+7May+14May & 21 May(Sun, 9am-11am)
    • SMO-Junior starting on 29Apr+6May+13May & 20 May (Sat, 11am-1pm)
    • NMOS Training beginning with the Maths Olympiad Triathlon(I) & (II) and NMOS Mock Test with Discussion

    Details and registration form can be found here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/SMO2017prog.pdf

    To secure your seats fast, register online here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/H697kqtc3vMISqLI3

    Here's wishing you success in the competition!

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    Saturday, 4 Feb, 2017

    Preparation for Competitions

    Dear Parents/Mathletes,

    With the following maths competitions just right round the corner, now’s the time to start preparing for them. The following competitions that is forthcoming is suitable for students in Primary 5 & 6 beginning with the RI Primary World Maths Competitions ( 29 March 2016)

  • Junior ( Pri 5 and below)
  • Open (Pri 6)
  • RI Pri World Maths -Junior Category; this class is suitable for students in Pri 5 and below and you have already registered for the competition through your school.

    The preliminary round of the competition will be held on 28 March 2017. The invitational round will be held on 20th April 2017 in Raffles Institution. Format of the Preliminary Round Contest is 20 multiple-choice questions. For most, this may well be your first competition experience; you can gain additional problem solving skills and strategies through our group coaching classes. Classes will begin from 13 March + 15 & 17 March 2017. ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/RIPMWCY2017.pdf

    SMOPS by Hwa Chong Institution( 8 April 2017) -Primary 6 only. If you are keen to accelerate your learning before the competitions, we have the following intensive revision classes open for SMOPS Intensive Revision.

    The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS) is an annual event organized by the Hwa Chong Institution with the aim of generating greater interest in Mathematics among pupils in primary schools and to sharpen their problem solving skills. This competition has now evolved to include schools in Asia-Pacific and since 2002, the contest has been renamed as APMOPS-Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools.

    The preliminary round of this contest invites all Pri 6 pupils to participate. The competition will be held on 8 April 2017, you can gain additional tips and tricks to score in the SMOPS 2017 by one of the former coaches to top Mathletes. He has coached many students who have emerged amongst the top 40 of the APMOPS Competitions. Classes will begin as early as 13 March 2017. For details please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/SMOPSY2017.pdf

    For details and schedule for both classes please check the links above. To register for the above courses please click here ==> https://goo.gl/forms/XX2otHSSvjN6L3cb2 Thank you.

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    Wednesday, 18 Jan, 2017

    Exciting Programmes for 2017

    Dear Mathletes,

    With the American Mathematics Competition 10 Y2017 just round the corner, if you like to sharpen your skills before the competition, we have the following focused training starting this Friday-20 Jan 2017. The course consists of the following two core topics:

    • A) Workshop 1-Geometry starting 23 Jan 2017
    • B) Workshop 2-Probability & Combinatorics, starting 20 Jan 2017
    Both workshops covers the core topics of the AMC 10 and instructor will share with students how to analyse the questions, how to break the question down, key point of the following topics.

    To register for the following classes, please contact us at 9187-9006. Special concession fees apply for students with Honor roll and above in the recent American Mathematics Competition 8. Details at => http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/amc10course2017.pdf

    We have also updated our regular maths olympiad training schedule and the full schedule is available at ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2017/Sem1Y2017EBF.pdf

    We wish you a fruitful math olympiad experience and please check our website soon for invitation to the Asia Invitational Mathematical Olympiad(AIMO) which Maths Oasis is hosting from 2017.

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