Thursday, 10 July, 2014

ACS- Mathlympics Training Y2014

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Semester 2 is a season for maths competitions for most primary 4-5 pupils.

After the NMOS Preliminary Round, we have students selected for the NMOS-Special Round contest that is schedule to take place on 26-July 2014 at NUS High School of Math & Science.

Forthcoming, in August, 21 Y2014, we have the annual ACS Mathlympics whereby students from Pri 4-5 are invited to participate as well.

The scope of the contest will encompass the following topics.

  • Arithmetic
  • Number Theory
  • Combinatorics
  • Logic
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Algebra
(Source from Organizers of the ACS-Mathlympics Y2013)

If you/your child is enrolled in this competition and you'll like to gain some before-competition training, we have the following intensive revision for your consideration.

ACS Mathlympics Training Y2014
Starts : 30-July 2014, every Wed till 20-August 2014
Time: 4.30pm-6.30pm
Venue: Maths Oasis Pte Ltd
110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Building S188968 [near Bugis Plus].

For details and registration please click here ==>

If you need to speak to someone, we can be reached at 6337-7857. Thank you.

P.S: We are closing the registration for the NMOS Special Round Training soon as it is taking place following Monday on 21-July 2014. We thank you for your registration and hope to meet you in our classes in future.

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Thursday, 10 July, 2014

NMOS Special Round Training Y2014

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

It's been a week since the Preliminary Round of the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS) has taken place. The Special Round will be announced on the NUS High website. The Special Round will take place on Saturday, 26-July 2014. We are preparing a training for this Special Round as we believe there will be some amongst you who will be invited for the Special Round. Details and schedule is available at ==>

If you are keen to sharpen your skills for forthcoming competitions by joining us in our weekly classes,here's the latest schedule ==>

We have an interesting programme for the the post SMO -Jr students called the Secondary A.Maths and this is an enrichment programme suitable for students who want to do some advanced learning before the SMO. Topics are suitable for students taking IP School maths.

For details pls call us at 6337-7857. Thank you.

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Thursday, 3 July, 2014

Sharpen Your Skills for the forthcoming Maths Competitions/Olympiads and forthcoming PSLE Exams

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Semester 2 of school is about to start and here at Maths Oasis, we have the following classes to help you. If you like to skip ahead and view our latest schedule,pls click here ==>

(1) Pri 3 Competition Maths - Module 3: Extends learning from the Pri 3 Comptition Maths Modules 1 & 2 earlier this year, this module further develops a child's mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.

(2) Pri 3 Competition Maths-Module 4: Call to enquire. Suitable for students who have completed all 3 modules of the Pri 3 Competition Maths classes.

(3) Pri 4 Competition Maths-working towards NMOS Y2015 and related competitions.

(4) Pri 5 Competition Maths-working towards SMOPS Y2015 and related competitions.

(5) Pri 6 Challenging Maths-Suitable for pupils who are looking to strengthen their problem solving skills in interpretation for the various challenging questions(3-5mark Qns)

(6) Secondary Additional Maths-suitable enrichment for advanced Sec 1 & 2 pupils who intend to learn Additional mathematics topics in advance and in preparation for advanced SMO classes. Suitable for Sec 1/2 pupils who have completed our SMO classes and are waiting for the SMO-Senior Modules.

All classes begin Friday, 4-July 2014 onwards. Students who have yet to enrol, kindly contact us at Tel: 6337-7857 or 9187-9006 to register now. For details of our latest schedule, please click here ==>

Thank you.

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Friday, 20 June, 2014

Accelerate Your Skills-SMO-Junior Special Round 2 Competition Training

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition Round 2-Name List is out. To check if you have been invited for the Special Round on 28-June 2014(Sat), from 9am -12nn at NUS, you can check out the name list here. ==>Second Round Namelist

To further sharpen your skills for this competition, check out our latest training schedule found here ==>

Lessons begin as early as this Monday, 23 June 2014 from 9am -12nn. Lessons will be conducted using a topical approach where by all the major scope will be covered. To register for this class, please contact us at 6337-7857.

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Wednesday, 21 May, 2014

Sharpen Your Skills this June Holidays

Dear Readers,

Semester 2 brings many opportunities for participating in maths competitions particularly if you are in Primary 4/5. So it’s time for sharpen your skills with the following June holiday programmes:

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon(P4 & 5) /NMOS Topical Training

    Learning involves experiencing, comparing and connecting…. This course offers your child a rich learning experience where he/she gets to sample, compare and connect Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world.

    Suitable competitions in Semester 2 include National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore(NMOS) by NUS High, 2 July(Wed) and Australian Maths Contest, 7 August(Thurs)

  • NMOS Mock Test With Discussion (I) & (II)

    If you are participating in the forthcoming NMOS Competition by NUS High School, you can further sharpen your skills with our series of NMOS Mock Test with discussion starting after the topical training from 16 June - 21 June from 2-5pm. [Vacancies limited, only half the seats left]

    NMOS Mock Test with Discussion (I), [3 vacancies left]
    NMOS MOck Test with Discussion (II) [4 vacancies left]
    For details and registration on the course , please visit ==>

  • P3 Competition Maths Introductory Course

    A trial & tested programme that offers a good mix of intellectual stimulations and hands-on experiences to enhance children’s sensitivity towards numbers and shapes. For topic coverage, please click below to find out more. This course is suitable for Primary 3 students who show a strong inclination towards Maths. Hurry, lodge in your registration now. Be engaged and enriched in mathematics this June. ==>

  • PSLE Maths Intensive Revision

    For Primary 6 students, the forthcoming semester is your most important phase and this Intensive revision will emphasis questions past PSLE students have encountered difficulties in solving. Focus on 3-5 mark questions. For topic coverage & registration, click here.==>

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior & Senior) Intensive Revision

    Students who are taking part in the SMO –Jr & SMO-Sr Competition on 3rd June 2014, we will be starting an Intensive Revision course based on content found in the Y13, Y09 & Y05 past year contest questions. Come and gain additional insights to problem solving and be exposed to new ways of solving SMO questions.

  • Discover Your Maths Inclination with our General Maths Proficiency Test & Syllabus Evaluation Test for P6 pupils

    If you have not been able to register for our General Maths Proficiency Test or Syllabus Evaluation Test for P6 pupils last weekend, here's another chance for you to do so on

    24 May 2014, Saturday
    • General Maths Proficiency Test -P3-5: 10am -11.45am
    • Syllabus Evaluation Test -P6: 10am - 12.30pm

    Last week, we were able to provide accurate feedback and analysis to a full class of students on their mathematical inclinations. Areas for improvement for the Syllabus Evaluation Test was also provided for the P6 so they can better plan their revision. If you were not able to register, pls do so this week by calling us at 6337-7857 or SMS yr name and contact details to 9187-9006.

    For details of all the course topics pls click here ==>

    For registration and schedule ==>
  • For enquiries, please call us at 6337-7857 or 9187-9006. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Wednesday, 7 May, 2014

Sharpen Your Skills for the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS) Y2014 and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Junior & Senior Competitions (SMO)Y2014

Dear Parents/Students,

  • If you are amongst the top 4% or 150 participants (whichever is lower) in the recent SMOPS Y2014 competition, you are selected for the second round known as the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(APMOPS). To sharpen your skills for this competition, we have a forthcoming training starting after the mid-year exams on *23-May* 2014.

    For details, please click here ==>

    For registration and enquiries, please call 6337-7857 or 9187-9006.

  • If your child is participating in the forthcoming Singapore Mathematical Olympiad-Junior (Sec 1-2) OR Senior (Sec 3-4) Competitions, we have a forthcoming training starting next Tuesday, *13-May 2014*.

    Details and registration available at ==>

    For registration and enquiries, please call 6337-7857 or 9187-9006.Limited vacancies available for the SMO-Junior Class. Pls contact us early for registration.
  • Thank you and have a nice day!

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Thursday, 1 May, 2014

Release of SMOPS Y2014 Results

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

The SMOPS Y2014 results have just been released this afternoon. You can check out the results at ==>

This year, there are about 137 Platinum and Gold Award Winners. If you are amongst the Platinum or Gold award winners, you are likely to be invited for the Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS) Y2014 which will take place on 31st May 2014. To sharpen your skills for the APMOPS Y2014, check out our training available from 23-May 2014 ==>

For registration and enquiries, please call 6337-7857 or 9187-9006.

Happy Labour Day to one and all.

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