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Exciting Maths Enrichment Classes for 2016

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Within the next few weeks, we will be welcoming 2016. For 2016, we have the following exciting Maths Competition/Olympiad Training classes to enrich your learning and unleash your mathematical potential .


Pri 3 Competition Maths
This course serves to give students a head-start in competition maths by providing them with the fundmentals of competition maths needed for higher learning. This course consists of 4 modules in a year and is sure a delightful entry to competition maths for students. A strong inclination in maths is required.

Pri 4 to 6 Competition Maths
In this course, the fundamentals of competition Mathematics would be taught to the students during the lessons. Students will learn valuable skills and techniques such as prime factorization and divisibility tests etc. These are part of the competition requirements, but they also help the students solve questions faster in normal syllabus Maths. Students will also develop the ability to think critically, as well as develop a strong mathematical mind, including a keener number sense and stronger spatial visualization.
In the tutorials, past Olympiad questions and other interesting questions will be discussed, and the students can learn how to apply their newly acquired knowledge from the lessons in various situations creatively. It allows students to clarify any doubts and questions they have from the lessons, consolidate their knowledge, and stretch their understanding to a deeper level. For those taking part in local competitions such as NMOS, SMOPS etc, this also serves as a good preparation.

Pri 4 Competition Maths

Primary 4 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Whole Numbers & 4 Operations
  • Module 2: Factors, Multiples, Divisibility
  • Module 3: Number Properties and Patterns

Primary 4 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Introduction to Fractions & Decimals
  • Module 5: Introduction to Spatial Visualization
  • Module 6: Squares & Rectangles, Cubes & Cuboids

Pri 5 Competition Maths

Primary 5 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Word Problems on Whole Numbers & Fractions
  • Module 2: Word Problems on Ratio & Percentage
  • Module 3: Logic

Primary 5 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Combinatorics & Counting
  • Module 5: Rate & Speed
  • Module 6: Properties of Triangles & Circles

Pri 6 Competition Maths

Primary 6 :Semester 1(Jan - May 2016)

  • Module 1: Applications in Arithmetic
  • Module 2: Applications in Mathematics (Spatial Visualization, Rate and Speed etc)
  • Module 3: Revision in Mathematics

Primary 6 :Semester 2(Jul-Nov 2016)

  • Module 4: Challenging Word Problems in Whole Numbers, Fractions, Ratio, Percentage
  • Module 5: Challenging Word Problems in Rate & Speed, Mensuration, General Ability
  • Module 6: Revision for PSLE (Mock Tests)

Secondary/JC - S'pore Math Olympiad(SMO)

One of Singapore's oldest maths competition, our seondary school training is split into the following categories/topics.

SMO- Junior Module 1
Integers, Sequences and Series, Rational Numbers and Real Numbers, Indices, Difference of Two Squares, Square Identities, Cube Identities, Polynomials in One Variable, System of Linear Equations, Non-negative Functions, Surds, Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Equations, System of Nonlinear Equations, Method of Difference, Recurrence Relation.

SMO- Junior Module 2
Combinatorics, Counting Numbers, Counting Techniques, Spatial Counting, Probability, Pythagoras Theorem, Applications of Pythagoras Theorem, Angles, Circles, Area of Triangles, Area of Quadrilaterals, Length and Perimeter, Spatial Visualization

SMO- Senior Module 2
Permutations, Combinations, Combinatorics (Miscellaneous), Similar Triangles, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Angle Properties of Circles, Further Geometry, Geometry (Miscellaneous), Trigonometry, Probability. #Calculus class will be offered in Semester 2 after the SMO-Senior Module 2.

SMO - Open
Number Theory, Algebra, Combinatorics & Geometry

Detailed Schedule please click here

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Year-end Head-start classes are available for

  • (A)General Maths Proficiency Test: Suitable for Pri 3 to 6 pupils who like to analyse and find out their mathematical strengths and weakneses.
  • (B) Syllabus based maths evaluation test: Pri 6 pupils: How prepared are you for the 2016 PSLE Maths?
    Want to find out your areas of strengths and weaknesses with respect to the PSLE syllabus requirements in order to plan your revision? Now you can with our Syllabus based evaluation test which comes with a detailed analysis of your key strengths and weaknesses and exposes misconceptions on certain key topics you may have if any.
  • (C) Pri 6 Maths Olympiad Head-start: Now's the time to gain a head-start for the SMOPS 2016 by learning 3 'must-know' topics for 2016 SMOPS.
  • (D) Sec 1 Prep: For students who will be starting Sec 1 in 2016l (IP/Express)
    we have a bridging course starting from 28 Dec to 31 Dec to help you gain a head-start for the term 1 topics for Sec 1. Gain a great footing in Sec 1 Maths.

For details of the schedule please click here

P.s. Note that our opening hours are revised to from 3pm to 6 pm on weekdays during these holidays. We wish you happy holidays.

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Sunday, 22 Nov, 2015

Sharpen Your Skills for 2015 & 2016 Schedule for Maths Olympiad

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

With the holidays round the corner, now's the best time to sharpen your skills for 2016 maths olympiad/competitions.

For Nov-Dec, we have the following head-start courses for the following levels:

  • Pri 4 & 5: Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I ) /(II)
  • Pri 6: SMOPS Competition Maths head-start
  • Sec Sch: Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for secondary school students.

To check out our Nov/Dec head-start course schedule please click here ==>

To register for our Holiday courses, please click here ==>

To get a sneak peak of our 2016 schedule please click here ==>

To register for our 2016 Regular courses ==>

Best regards & here's wishing all Happy holidays

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