Tuesday, 15 Apr, 2014

Exciting Programmes this June Holidays Y2014

Dear Parents/Students,

Competition Maths training is no longer just for students who have been selected to participate in maths competitions. There are other side benefits to engaging in maths competition training which includes

  • strong mathematical mind which includes a keener number sense and stronger spatial visualization
  • enhanced problem solving skills which enable you to solve problems commonly encountered in the syllabus much quicker
In fact, we are encountering more students who take maths competition classes for enrichment and to enhance their analytic skills to cope with challenging questions they encounter in school. If we have piqued your interest or are you are keen to sharpen your skills for forthcoming maths competitions like the NMOS or ACS Mathlympics, please click on the link below to for details of our June schedule Y2014 ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/HolJunProg2014.pdf

SMO-Junior /SMO -Senior Intensive Revision

For students who are participating in the forthcoming SMO-Junior and Senior competitions and you would like to sharpen your skills, here's special training for the preliminary round where you will be exposed to a variety of competition questions from the previous years. For detailed schedule please click here ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/SMOIRSpecialTrg2014.pdf

If you are still sitting on the 'side-lines' and undecided if this form of coaching is for you, take our General Maths Proficiency test on Sunday, 4-May 2014 to find out. ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/May2014GMPTnSET.pdf

For students who would lie to gauge their level of competence in syllabus based maths , especially for P6 pupils, you can attempt our Syllabus Evaluation Test on 4-May 2014 to find out your strengths and weaknesses. ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/May2014GMPTnSET.pdf

Happy Good Friday and Easter ahead!

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Monday, 24 Mar, 2014

Competition Updates

Dear Parents/Mathletes,

Things are getting exciting with the first competition for the primary school pupils taking place next Tuesday , 25 March 2014-RI Primary World Maths Competitions, following that there will be two other competitions such as

  • S'pore National Girls' Mathematics Competition by RGS , by invitation only.
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(SMOPS) by Hwa Chong.
There are also more exciting competitions taking place this year in 2014 and if you like to know the following competitions and how to register, please click this link below ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/competitionsy2014.pdf

To gauge your level of proficiency for maths competitions, you can take our General Maths Proficiency Test to gauge your level of readiness. The next test is available on 17 April 2014 and all test comes complete with analysis. More details can be found here ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/Apr2014GMPTnSET.pdf

Hurry, the closing date for the first competition is next Monday, 31st March 2014. Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, 18 Mar, 2014

Discover Your Maths Inclination this March/April 2014

Dear Parents/Students,

Have you ever wondered what your child's maths inclination is? When it comes to maths inclination, does your child solve questions involving numbers more easily than questions involving geometry and spatial visualization or is it the other way round ?

Now's the best way to find out about your child's

  • strengths and weaknesses
  • development of thinking skills
  • adaptability in handling non-routine tasks and more...

In fact for this 1h 45 min test, we will analyze your child's maths inclination so that you will better be able to

  • decide if you want to engage in maths competition training
  • decide if you want to focus on syllabus maths coaching
in other words, help you make more informed choices when planning your enrichment. The General Maths Proficiency Test is designed to do just that and the next available date is
  • Date: 20 March 2014, Thursday OR 17 April 2014 (Thu)
  • Time:4.30pm-6.15pm
  • Venue: Maths Oasis P/L, 110 Middle Rd #07-03C Chiat Hong Bldg S188968. (Bugis)
  • Fee:S$23.00
  • 20 Mar 2014(Thursday), 4.30pm-7pm.

Here's how to register. Please call 6337-7857 to register for this Evaluation Test. ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/Mar2014GMPTnSET.pdf

Online Registration is available at ==>http://www.mathsoasis.com/eva2013

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Thursday, 13 Feb, 2014

Sharpen Your Skills this March - for Mathletes in Primary 5 & 6

"The Will to win is nothing without the will to prepare."-Juma Ikangaa

Dear Mathletes,

Preparation is the first step towards reaching your desired goals in any competition or endeavour. If you are participating in the forthcoming

  • RI Primary World Math Competition (RIPWMC) 2014
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(SMOPS 2014)
here's some Intensive revision classes this March holidays for you to sharpen your skills:

A) RI Primary World Math Competition - this class is suitable for Pri 5 pupils who like to learn the topics in this competition through past-year/parallel maths olympiad questions.Classes begin as early as 17 March 2014. For details please click here ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/RIPMWCY2014.pdf

B) Primary 6-S'pore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools(SMOPS) by HCI - One of the earliest maths competitions for the primary 6 pupil, this competition is attended by a majority of the Primary 6 pupils in April. To further sharpen your skills for this competition, we have the following course

  • SMOPS Intensive Revision-comprehensive revision of topics
  • Students will be exposed to maths olympiad style questions
  • common mistakes will be highlighted so you can gain from the wisdom of the experience.
After the Intensive revision, we have the SMOPS Mock Test with Discussion on 7-9 April 2014 to
  • consolidate your learning and apply your skills to a full-length test.
  • manage your time for the competition.
  • Students are advised to complete the mock test before attending the class as the full session will be focus on the discussion of solutions
For details of the SMOPS class, please refer to ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/SMOPSY2014.pdf

To register/enquiries, please call 6337-7857 or 9187-9006. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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Saturday, 21 Dec, 2013

Bring Your Maths Skills to the Next Level with Exciting Enrichment Maths Programmes in Semester 1 @Maths Oasis

Dear Mathletes,

Dear Mathletes, With a brand new year just ahead of us, We have the following programmes to sharpen your maths skills and bring it to the next level with

  • Primary Competition Maths Training
  • PSLE Maths Coaching
  • Secondary Maths Olympiad Training
For details of the latest schedule, please refer to ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/Sem1Y2014.pdf

P.S: You can still enjoy savings off our early-bird fees if you register from now till 10 Jan 2014. To register, please contact us at 6337-7857/9187-9006. Or download the registration form at ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2014/Sem1Y2014.pdf and mail to us at Maths Oasis Pte Ltd 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Bldg S188968.

Best regards and wishing one and all Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, 19 Oct, 2013

Exciting Programmes to Sharpen Your Skills this Nov School Holidays at Maths Oasis

Dear Mathletes,

With the holidays just right round the corner, now's the time to plan an enriching holiday. Holidays are one of the best times to engage in enrichment activities that can stimulate your mind and sharpen your skills. With that in mind, we like to highlight the following programmes for your consideration:

  • Sec 1 Prep Course
    This course is specially catered to Primary 6 pupils and serves to bridge their learning in primary maths with the new content they will learn in Sec 1. Classes begin 23 Oct 2013 and is a good prerequisite course before you embark on the SMO-Junior course.

  • Primary 3 Competition Maths-Modules 1 & 2
    Back by popular demand, this course engages students in a variety of challenging and engaging mathematical tasks to sharpen their mathematical skills.[Limited vacancies available, please call to enquire about availability first]

  • Maths Olympiad Triathlon (I) /(II)
    Learning involves experiencing, comparing and connecting… Maths Olympiad Triathlon I offers your child a rich learning experience where he/she get to sample, compare and connect Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world. MOT (II) extends from MOT (I).It is best to take the MOT (I) before registering for MOT(II).

  • P6 Competition Maths Head-start
    Learning is like peeling an onion; each time we revisit an idea, we gain an added perspective and a deeper understanding of the idea. A headstart in learning gives us a chance to revisit and deepen our learning. To give your child ample time to revisit his/her learning, join us at P6 Maths Olympiad Head-start.

    Topics Coverage:

    • Circles
    • Rate & Speed
    • Algebraic manipulations & applications of algebra in problem-solving
    • Problem-solving involving patterns of numbers and shapes

    Suitable for: Primary 6(Y2014) Mathletes pursuing SMOPS and other similar Maths Competitions in Y2014

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Junior Module 1 Training
    A preparation course for SMO Junior Section Y2014. Topic Coverage: Basic operations, primes, divisibility, factorization, digits and numbers, last digit(s), fractions, number patterns, difference of two squares, square expansions, indices, angles, Pythagoras’ theorem, areas, etc

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Senior Module 1
    A preparation course for SMO Senior Section Y2014. Topic Coverage: Quadratic equations, discriminant, Viete formulae, completing the square, absolute value(modulus), integer and fractional parts, factorial, angles, Pythagoras’ theorem, similar triangles, indices, logarithms, permutations and combinations, etc

For full course details please visit ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2013/NovHolProgY2013ed.pdf

To register, please contact us at 6337-7857/9187-9006. Or download the registration form at ==> http://www.mathsoasis.com/2013/NovHolProgY2013ed.pdf and mail to us at Maths Oasis Pte Ltd 110 Middle Road #07-03C Chiat Hong Bldg S188968.

Thank you, and have a nice weekend!

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