Saturday, January 17, 2009

Launch of the AMC 10/12B Contest 2009

Dear Mathletes,

The American Mathematics Contest 10B/12B will be held on 25th Feb 09(Wed).
The registration for the contest is now open.If you are in a hurry, click on the link below to download the registration form.
AMC10B09 Registration Form
AMC12B09 Registration Form

*N.B: The contest will be held at Maths Oasis P/L from 3pm onwards. Contestants will be informed of their reporting time via e-mail at least 5 days before the contest.

About the AMC10/12B Contest
The AMC10/12B Contest is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus mathematics.

Purpose of the AMC10/12B Contest
  • Spur interest in mathematics & to develop talent through the excitement of solving challenging problems in a timed multiple-choice format.
  • Problems range from easy to extremely difficult.
  • Intended for everyone from the average student at a typical school who enjoys mathematics to the best student st the most special schools.
  • Allows students a chance to benefit from the 'beforehand' learning.
  1. AMC 10B: Any student enrolled in grades 10/Sec 4 and aged 17.5 years of age on the day of the contest.
  2. AMC 12B: Any student enrolled in grades 12/JC 2 and below and aged 19.5 years of age on the day of the contest.
  1. AMC10/12 School Winner Pin-Awarded to the student with the highest score.
  2. AMC 10/12 Honor Roll of Distinction-Top1% of all participating students.
  3. Gold, Silver & Bronze-Awarded to the top student in each school who placed first for four, three and two consecutive years respectively.
  4. *AMC10/12 Certificate of Distinction-Awarded to students who qualify to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination(AIME II).
  5. *AMC10/12 Certificate of Achievement-Awarded to students who score 100 or above in grade 10 and below on the AMC 12 or grade 8 and below on the AMC 10.
  1. Students who took the AMC 10 and achieved a score of 120 or were in the top 1%.
  2. Students who took the AMC 12 and achieved a score of 100 out of a possible score of 150 are invited to take the AIME(II).
  3. AIME(II) takes place on 1st April 09(Wed)
  4. The AIME is a 15 question, 3 hour examination in which each answer is an integer from 0-999.
  5. No calculators are allowed.

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