Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AMC 10/12B Contest Results Y2009

Dear Contestants,

The much anticipated results of the American Mathematics Contest 10/12B is available at

Please take note of the following codes.
1) A-Invited to AIME(II) taking place on 1st April 09
W-Winner: School top scorer
3) C or c-Young Certificate of Achievement.

Several of you have done well in the AMC 10/12B Contest 09.This year we have more than 40 students invited to the AIME(II) as compared to 30+ last year. We wish to reiterate that the AIME is another competition for students to further their mathematics development and is not an end in itself. We hope you had a fruitful learning experience and we look forward to your participation again in 2010.

P.S: I noticed that there were quote a no. of your currently in Primary 6 who have achieved the Young Certificate of Achievement. We have the SMOPS Mock test with discussion coming up on 3 April 09 and if you are taking part and would like to have three rounds of trial test, just click on this link for more details.


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