Thursday, August 06, 2009

AMC8 Introductory Course and Sep Hol Programmes Y09

Dear Readers,

A quick update for September Holiday programmes.

  1. PSLE Maths Evaluation Test is back on 4 Sep 09
  2. PSLE Intensive Revision will begin from 7-11 Sep 09
  3. American Mathematics COntest 8 Introductory Course will start on 7 Sep 09
To download a copy of the registration form, click here.
Please look out for the notice for registration for the 25th American Mathematics COntest 8 (AMC8) on 7 Sep 09 onwards.
More details canbe found on
If you would like to receive past year contest questions prior to registering, you can also sign up for free at this website.
If you need to speak to someone before registering,you may contact us at 6337-7857.

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