Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sharpen Your Skills this June Holidays

Sharpen Your skills and build them for forthcoming Maths Olympiads in Semester 2.

Dear Readers,
Semester 2 brings many opportunities for participating in maths competitions particularly if you are in Primary 4/5. So it’s time for sharpen your skills with the following June holiday programmes

Maths Olympiad Triathlon(P4 & 5)
Learning involves experiencing, comparing and connecting….
This course offers your child a rich learning experience where he/she gets to sample, compare and connect Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world.
Suitable competitions in Semester 2
National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore(NMOS) by NUS High, 8 July
Australian Maths Contest, 5 August
American Mathematics Contest 8 , 16 November

P3 Competition Maths Introductory Course
A trial & tested programme that offers a good mix of intellectual stimulations and hands-on experiences to enhance children’s sensitivity towards numbers and shapes.

For topic coverage, please click here to find out more. This course is suitable for Primary 3 students who show a strong inclination towards Maths. Hurry, lodge in your registration now.

PSLE Maths Intensive Revision
For Primary 6students, the forthcoming semester is your most important phase and this Intensive revision will emphasis questions past PSLE students have encountered difficulties in solving. Focus on 3-5 mark questions. For topic coverage & registration, click here.

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Junior & Senior) Intensive Revision
Students who are taking part in the SMO –Jr & SMO-Sr Competition on 1st June 2010, we will be starting an Intensive Revision course based on content found in the Y08 & 09 past year contest questions. Come and gain additional insights to problem solving and be exposed to new ways of solving SMO questions. Course begins 15th May 2010.

Have a great weekend

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