Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holiday Programmes Schedule

Dear Readers,

As requested this is our Nov-Dec 2009 Holiday Schedule for Maths Competition Training Classes. Highlights of this year's holiday maths competition classes include...

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Secondary classes)

  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad(SMO) Junior Division Training(Module 1)

  • Date: 9 -21st Nov 09, 1400-1600 hours, Maths Oasis Pte Ltd

  • Singapore Mathematics olympiad (SMO) Open Section

  • Date: 9 - 20 Nov 09, 1000 hrs-1200nn, Maths Oasis Pte Ltd

To register for the above programes, please click here.

Primary Mathematics Olympiad Training

  1. Primary 3 Competition Maths Introductory Course: Suitable for young children demonstrating a strong inclination in Maths.
  2. Maths Olympiad Triathlon:Suitable for students whi wish to take part in both local and international Maths Competitions in 2010.
  3. Primary 6 Maths Olympiad Headstart(Based on SMOPS): Get your head-start for SMOPS 2010 now.

To register for the above course, please download the registration form and mail it to us by 19 Nov 09. Click here for schedule and registration form.

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