Friday, November 20, 2009

Sharpen Your Skills this Holidays

Dear Readers,

Keen to sharpen your skills during this year-end holidays?
Here's a few Maths Competition Training Programmes that can help you home your skills for the 2010 Maths Olympiads.

1.Maths Olympiad Triathlon

  • Gives your child a rich learning experience whereby they get to compare and connect the various Maths Olympiad Challenges from around the world.
  • Starts from 30 Nov - 4Dec 09.
  • For more information on the topics covered, please click here.

2.Primary 6 Maths Olympiad Head-start

  • Give your child a head-start this holidays and allow them a chance to revisit and deepen their learning in order to gain an added perspective.
  • Topics covered will include, circles, algebraic amnipulations and applications of algebra in problem-solving, rate and speed, problem solving invlving patterns of numbers and shapes.
  • Please register early for this course, only 6 vacancies left. To register, please download the form here.

3.General Maths Proficiency test

  • Designed for learners who are curious in discovering their mathematical inclination, level of development of thinking skills.
  • Feedback will be provided on learner's proficiency in mathematical skills, thinking skills and adaptability in handling non-routine tasks.
  • Primary 2 & 3(Y2009) pupils will write the same test. Primary 4 & 5(Y2009) pupils will write the same test.
  • Also suitable for students considering on embarking on maths olympiad training in 2010.
  • To register for this test, click here to download the registration form.

4.Syllabus-based Maths Evaluation test

  • Similar in format to the PSLE, this 2 h 30 min test measures a learner's
  • mastery of the content knowledge and skills detailed in the school maths syllabus.
  • Short discussion will be included to better understand the learner's thinking processes and misconceptions.
  • Report detailing learner's strengths adn weaknesses and areas of misconceptions will be provided tohelp them draw up their study plan with greater clarity.
  • Suitable for Primary 4 & 5 students (Y2009).

To register for both the General Maths Proficiency test & Syllabus-based Maths Evaluation Test and save $10, click here to register now.


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